No Myth


He badgered her on being beyond friends. She groused disbelief in nice guys. Dog-earing a napkin, he chicken-scratched three words. Snaking around her, he bugged her to read it aloud.

 “It’s no myth.”

****blogger’s note***

I wasn’t going to participate in Trifextra this week because I’m knee deep in Helene Troy book editing. But my middle-daughter and i heard Michael Penn’s epic, No Myth, on the radio this afternoon. I interpreted it in 33 words using the challenge guidelines:

On to this weekend’s challenge, which will be judged by the community.  The
trickiness of this past week’s prompt has us thinking about the various ways we
use words.  This weekend we want you to write a 33-word response using the
name of an animal as a verb
.  Some examples are: to dog, to snake, to bear,
to duck. . .you get the idea.  Write about anything you want and use whichever
verb tense you need, but give us an animal as a verb in there somewhere.  Let’s
see if we can discover new things by looking from a different perspective.

All of my verbs are animal-related.

Here’s today’s awesome song, Michael Penn’s No Myth




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