Last time on Dead Money:


The gray phones that Butch had supplied them before going to the casino were pre-paid and unlikely traced, the women assumed.

“Millicent, Butch didn’t give me number. He told me he’d call me. That’s how we always do it. Tell me the asshole gave you a way to find him.”

Millicent fished a black ink pen from her handbag and wrote on a napkin. She handed the note to Pauley.

“There are two numbers. The first one is what he told me to use after the casino. The second one he told me to use if something bad happened to you. If I were you, I’d dial the second one, just to make him choke on his cigar.”

Pauley contorted her face and tightened her shoulders. She seemed to forget every pointer Millicent gave her about walking in heels and a dress as she wobbled out of the diner. Millicent waited until she saw Pauley start talking into her phone before she called Butch on hers.

Millicent’s call went to voicemail. She moved her tongue over her each of teeth until her mouth found the smirk it desired. She whispered over her steaming coffee.

“It’s time you gave orders instead of taking them, little Paulette. Set Butch up the same way he set you, with no mercy.”

Millicent was a pacer, in constant motion while talking on the phone. Pauley stood in the same spot, gesturing on occasion with her left hand. Millicent despised being patient but she stayed in her seat and looked. After three minutes of watching her young partner in crime, Millicent took her ninth sip of her coffee and saw Pauley re-enter the diner and slump across from her unfortunate alliance. Pauley stuttered.

“He, he, he’s lying and, I um, shit, I know it, now.”

Millicent pushed her hand across the table and touched Pauley’s shaking right hand. She knew Pauley needed a safe place and she’d act like that to get what she needed, too.

“We’re two people with ice in our veins and the ability to bury him. I’ll help you make him come clean. Okay?”

Pauley said nothing. The young blonde stared at her coffee cup. Millicent needed her strong. She needed a killer.

“Paulette, you remind me of her. Gail was compassionate. You could see her heart when she made sandwiches or played a game of gin rummy.”

Pauley’s body didn’t move but her piercing green eyes followed Millicent’s hand as it moved off of hers and lifted her cup to her mouth.

“She played cards with me too. And did my hair. She was the last person to touch it before you a few hours ago, Millicent. I don’t know why I remember that, but I do.”

Millicent knew they needed to get on the road and put distance between them and the dead lawyer at the casino, but first, Pauley needed comfort.

“Every female should have her hair done. It takes a village to raise a pretty girl.”

Pauley’s chest moved. Her laugh was internal but Millicent saw it. She spoke again.

“Where and when are we meeting Butch?

****blogger’s note*****

This is a new chapter of a summer blog series I’m writing with my friend Tara aka @Tara_R on the twitter. Her chapter should be read before mine:

Today’s song is one of my favorite of the summer. It’s the latest by The Killers who used to be cool. The lyrics aren’t an exact fit but the style and feel are perfect. Here’s Runaways.


10 thoughts on “Runaways

  1. I do love that song. And this story? I love this twist. I wasn’t sure at all how they’d get to stay together once the hit was done. I’m beginning to fear that Butch may be a semi-OK guy after all, but Millicent is probably right about what a scuzz he is.

    Two things:
    “Paulette, you remind me of her, Paulette.” — too much of her name
    “And did my hair. She was the last person to touch before …” – there should be an “it” in there.

  2. Loving the story so far! And I hate to bring this up, but there’s a bit of a word order issue around the whole “each of her teeth” bit.

  3. Not only do you two have a great story going, you have a slew of editors to keep you on your toes, and the fixes done as you go. When it’s all done (grinnin at Jessie) there will be little editing necessary to print! 😉

    I love the way this is evolving. I am very curious what Millicent is up to with this bit between Pauley and Butch. She really found a weak spot in Pauley, and that makes me want to crush red lipstick on those pretty teeth, but then again, Pauley’s no saint, and the next installment might make me want to do the same to Pauley.

    heheh… I did get to read for fun this summer… RIGHT here!

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