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“Dad, you gotta use the wheelchair.”

Glowers flew between father and teenaged daughter. The will to leave the hospital suppressed any show of pain rolling over Jake’s torso. His phone chirped in his hand as Mallory sent a text. Violet pointed to the chair and Jake sat down. She looked over her father’s shoulders as he returned Mallory’s message.

“Call me in a couple of  hours. Vi will be gone.”

Distracted, Violet came to a sudden stop to avoid hitting a nurse. Jake’s body bumped into the right arm of the wheelchair. He swallowed hurt and put his phone away.

*****blogger’s note****

Leeroy is getting a makeover. So, I commandeered the Bobina’s computer and co-prompted Mel’s 100 word song, Push by Matchbox Twnety, and Velvet’s 100 word challenge, “FLEW”, and dropped a post. I’m linking up with both places. https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/100-word-song-push/ and http://www.velvetverbosity.com/

Here’s Mel aka @accordingtomag’s pick for the week, Matchbox Twenty’s 1996 ode to crappy relationships, Push.


5 thoughts on “Push

  1. Damn, maybe Jake just needs to go the whole way with Mallory and get the pent up sexual thing out of his system. Because that’s really all I see out of this relationship.

  2. Little by little I am getting caught up… I skipped ahead (accidentally) and now have to regroup to put all the pieces where they belong. That Vi is becoming a little turd, but I still love them all.

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