Getting Even


The satisfaction of drinking twenty-one-year-old-old French Alsace Reisling placated Millicent enough to not kill Butch. His bear-like presence and intimidating vernacular worked in Pauley’s world but not hers. Millicent took another sip and pretended to adjust her bra through her gray New Jersey Devils t-shirt with red lettering. The two extra pills she made earlier, before Niles Morganstern was killed, were nestled in her shoulder, under her strap. Listening to Butch and Pauley banter about their family lies reminded her of more dramatic times with her parents. She wanted to be anywhere but at that table tasting white wine.

“I don’t like being selfish but, well, I guess I’ve got to be me. I have no desire to see my my old babysitter. So< Butch, why don’t we call Arthur, to settle up.”

Butch curled his chapped lips and tossed two fingers of amber liquor down his throat.

“Settle up? Who the hell do you think you are, Princess? Arthur does that, not you!”

Millicent recalled advice about the roughhewn man glaring at her, given by her  father, years earlier. Words stored from that memory slid out.

“I know you’re planning on killing me, Butch. Why don’t you be a man and do it right here, right now?

She saw Butch put his hand in his waist band. Pauley followed suit, feeling for her weapon. Millicent placed her glass to her lips and smirked through another drink. She’d called Butch’s bluff. Pauley stepped in front of her angered boss.

“Is that true, Butch? Son of a bitch, man. She did her job. I’m the one who got us jammed.”

Butch shook his head, ran his left hand over his glistening forehead, and poured another shot. Pauley waved her hand in front of  him, denying a drink for herself. Butch downed the booze and stared at the glass.

“You want to make the call Pauley.? You want to let Millicent out of her family’s business and maybe she does something to hurt us or help herself and her damned degenerate father?”

Millicent swallowed the last of her wine and stood. She liked Pauley, but the way this was playing out meant something bad for her.

“Paulette, I’d like to think the time we’ve spent together would allow for some care to enter your young mind for what I think. So, I’m going to tell you to not trust a word coming out of this man’s mouth unless your gun is pointed to his head. I’m going to change into a decent outfit, get something delicious to eat, and think about my conference tomorrow.”

Butch lunged at Millicent, grabbing her left arm. Pauley stepped to his open right side and pointed her walther .22 pistol at his ribcage. Millicent jerked her arm away from Butch and watched their standoff. Pauley’s breathing was steady.

“Hands off Millicent. That’s non-negotiable, Butch. Her and her father are even with you. Now, make me and my mom even.”

****blogger’s note***

We are nearing the end of one of my favorite things I’ ve ever done blogging, a summer series about female killers with my friend and writing partner Tara aka @Tara_R. I hope I can talk her into doing another one for fall or winter, It’s my birthday so do me a favor and read her chapter first, then mine, and let us know what you think.

Today’s song is from Guster, here’s Getting Even.


11 thoughts on “Getting Even

  1. Tense and action packed. Love that the girls are gathering power.

    One question: shouldn’t the pills be nestled “on” her shoulder, not “in”. In makes me think she surgically inserted them

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