Exhaustion is my partner in crime. The most radical thing I did, today, was skip the gym to listen to David Bowie. My changes are frightening but exhilarating. Tomorrow will be even better.

****blogger’s note****

This is my honest, personal, and true 33 word response to Trifecta Writing Challenge’s “RADICAL”.

Today’s song is from The Thin White Duke, He wrote it when he was 25. It’s middle-aged person’s anthem. I turned 42, 3 days ago. Look out you rock n rollers. These lyrics will define many of you. Here’s David Bowie’s Changes.


15 thoughts on “Changes

  1. debseeman

    One of the few Bowie songs I really like. (Don’t hate because I’m not a fan 😉 ) It’s an amazing song and the lyrics mean even more the older I get.

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