Damned If She Do


Gravel crunched under the car’s tires as Pauley pulled to the cabin. Millicent pushed the console gearshift into park.

“Do you know why I hate being called nicknames, like Millie?”

Pauley touched her gun, while staring at her passenger. Millicent took a tube of lipgloss from her handbag, striped her full lips, then spoke.

“I had a nickname, once. My grandfather called me Cinnamon Girl. Then he got sick, forgot it, and I acted. Nicknames are personal. And what we do, Paulette, isn’t personal.”

Millicent put away the lipgloss, took out two syringes, and opened her door.

“Let’s go, Paulette.”

***blogger’s note****

This is my response to Velvet Verbosity’s “Cinnamon” http://www.velvetverbosity.com/ This is either a one-time stand alone piece with Pauley and Millicent or something Tara and I may include in Dead Money later, if we can conference on it.

Today’s song is awesome. It’s The Kills Damned If She Do. It works great here,and with Millicent.


13 thoughts on “Damned If She Do

  1. I’m sure you had this scene with the grandfather…she helped him commit suicide, didn’t she?

    Still, like the scene. Explains so much about her character in so few words.

  2. I haven’t been commenting as I used to, but I have been reading–both yours and Tara’s. This is a fabulous collaboration. I’m really really enjoying both sides. I can’t help but like both Pauley and Millicent equally. Really strong writing.

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