Go To Sleep


Blue dissolved from the Manhattan sky as Millicent walked out of the office building. Clouds the color of gun metal rolled in and she stopped by a trash container to check her Prada for the two pilled sedatives. She removed them and  considered tossing them in the garbage and using the syringe full of undiluted ketamine to kill the man she was walking to meet. She tucked the capsules in the bridge of her black Victoria’s secret bra and covered them with her black blouse. Millicent saw him standing about 100 yards away next to a hot dog stand. She adjusted her business suit jacket and strode to her intended, muttering under her breath.

“I’d stick the k in his neck, but he doesn’t have one.”

As she approached the cart, Butch turned around and smirked. Ketchup oozed over his large chin as he swallowed a bite.

“You look like a million bucks, today, Millicent. Walk with me.”

Millicent waited until Butch’s large shoulders turned then snarled at his back while clutching her handbag. She followed him to  reflecting pond near a museum. She imagined the ketamine taking effect while she shoved his huge head under the water. Butch stopped and extended his catcher’s mitt-like left hand.

“Let’s make this quick and easy so we can put your family business to bed, forever, okay gorgeous?”

Millicent bit her bottom lip and searched several seconds for the syringe. Butch became impatient.

“Don’t screw with me, Millicent Stingley.”

He pulled a smart phone out of his suitcoat pocket and pressed two buttons. The startling image displayed produced concern over Millicent’s face. Arthur Stingley parked her car at his Atlanta office. An assassin watched his every move from a camera on or near what she assumed was a gun..

“Millicent, my guy can drop your piece of shit father from a half a mile away whenever I say so. Take your hand out of the pocketbook and hand over the stuff?”

Millicent sighed and stared into Butch’s dark eyes.

“Are you going to take out both of them; Pauley and her mom?”

Butch pressed a button on his phone and held it within inches of Millicent’s face. Arthur was walking inside his office. The assassin’s video appeared closer than before.

“Give me the pills, tell me how to use them or everyone gets what Arthur could be getting.”

Millicent relaxed her shoulders and pulled at the bottom seams of her business suit jacket, again. She used her right index finger to scoop the capsules from her bra. Butch put away the phone and shot her a dirty grin.

“I should have searched you when you walked up, Millicent. This could have been a much better experience, for me.”

Millicent seethed. She curled the pills to the ends of her fingers and dropped them into Butch’s left hand.

“When you lace their drinks, Butch, make sure you the contents disappear completely. If whatever they’re drinking has carbonation, it will take longer. They should become drowsy within two to three minutes. By the time you have them in their seats on the plane, they will be totally sedated. If their plane flight is more than eight hours, they’ll be extremely pissed off when they wake. I hope you’re next to them so Paulette can kill you with her bare hands.”

Butch laughed. Millicent took his guffaw as an insult and grit her teeth. She hoped he would become so angry with her, he’d tell her where Pauley and her mother, Gail, were going. She wanted to go with them and take Arthur along.

“This will work exactly like I need it to, Millicent. Once Pauley and Gail land, my guy will be pulled off Arthur. You’ll have to trust me on that. I’ll contact you when that happens.”

Millicent turned and took two steps back to the office building where she’d taken a break from her work conference. Butch’s gruff voice carried.

“Oh, and Millicent? If you try to get in touch with Pauley, Gail or your dad before that plane lands? My guy does his job.”

Millicent swallowed and turned back to Butch.

“I’m just glad my family’s business has been put to sleep. Please tell Paulette I said to have a great life.”

***blogger’s note****

Dead Money, my summer blog series with firend and writing Partner, Tara, of http://thinspiralnotebook.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/dead-money-flight-plan/ have new chapters today.

Today’s song is what played in my ehad as I wrote, Here’s Radiohead’s Go To Sleep


15 thoughts on “Go To Sleep

  1. “Someone’s gunna get it, someone’s gunna get it” I can hardly wait til these two ladies give that creep what he has coming to him. All I ask is let it be slow 😉

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