100 Word Song – Everybody Knows


Hi, Tara here.

Lance has asked me to proxy Leeroy’s !00 Word Song this week. While I’m honored to be asked, it is with a heavy heart.

Lance and his family are dealing with a tragic loss to their family. Lance’s 16-year-old cousin, Adam, collapsed during a pre-season basketball practice this week and sadly passed away Sunday.

Please, send Lance and his family kind and loving thoughts.

For your consideration, I’ve selected a song by John Legend, “Everybody Knows.”

You know the routine. Let the muse sing to you and tell us what it said… 100 words. When you’re done, don’t forget to link up so everyone can find you.

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Remember to pay it forward too. Visit the other 100-worders, and leave them some comment love.




My 100 words…back to Soul To Body.

Jake sent the flirtatious text to Mallory. He leaned over and turned down the radio. Violet sighed then grimaced as Jake responded to her insolence.

“Stop at the drugstore. I want to get my pain meds filled, then we’re going to talk.”

Without looking, he touched a speed dial number with his thumb. Augusta answered as Violet sighed again.

“Gus, it’s me. We’re stopping to at the pharmacy so if you beat us to the house, let yourself in with the spare key. It’s time everybody knows what’s going on in my head and how we’re going to get along.”





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