Allison, Take Me On Vacation


Her fingers create thunder and lightning. Bottle blonde hair tornadoes around leather and attitude. A storm of talent, smirk, and fun, Allison Robertson, the lead guitarist for The Donnas, is crush worthy for many of the right reasons. There’s always a guitar in her hands, trouble in her eyes, and rock and roll in her heart.

****blogger’s note****

I have a weakness for female musicians, especially good ones. My friends Melissa and Michelle have a bi-weekly prompt called Ketchup With Us – Where you write 57 words or less based on the theme. This one : childhood celebrity crush or current crush. Belinda Carlisle was my first one. But I couldn’t find good pictures from the early 80s so I went with Allison from the NOW.

I’ve used this song for a Helene troy episode but it’s the perfect example of Allison’s talent. One of the best lines best line is toward the end “let me take you on vacation…just do it, you don’t have to ask”, thus the title of the post. This video is from 10 years ago. She’s brunette here, with a pony tail, playing her a** off. Here’s Take It Off. Make it loud.


13 thoughts on “Allison, Take Me On Vacation

  1. When I was in maybe 5th-6th grade I had the biggest crush on Joan Jett. She’s still a badass. Thanks for the nod to some new music (for me) Lance, always worth stopping by!

  2. Um. How weird would it be for me to say you have bad choice I women. Except me! Oh. And haven’t you been there and don’t that with the whole rocker chick thing? Hehe.

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