100 Word Song – Chasing Cars


You knew it had to happen sooner, rather than later, the wife, Bobina aka Deana gets to pick this week’s song.

I loved the entries for Kelly aka @Nkdgirlinadress ‘s choice – I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. They were eclectic, interesting, and very well-written. Thanks again, to Kelly for not only writing last week but also picking the song.

In the writing world I think I have to call Bobina, Deana. Technically she didn’t write last week, but she pulled some move called “I’m your wife and you never pick me so I’m going to give that look.” It worked. Her choice – Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

For my 100, we go back to the car with Jake and Violet of Soul To Body.

Before Jake could continue his diatribe, the rumble of another car’s motor interrupted. Violet pulled away from her angry father and yelled toward the Honda.

“Gus and Nana!”

Violet stepped from the car and ran toward her aunt and grandmother.

Jake swallowed his anger then closed his eyes. A memory from when Violet was born, cruised through his mind.

“I love it when you climb in the hospital bed with me. I can’t wait for the nurse to yell at you,” Camille giggled.

He waded into Camille’s perfect sea blue eyes.

“Camille, I love laying here, forgetting about the world.”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

As always, you have one week from today to write 100 words inspired by Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Tweet and book of face your response. If anyone knows a Snow Patrol member, get them to write. Link up with the Mr. Linky below. Play on playas.


30 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Chasing Cars

  1. Heheheh, I am glad that Deanna got to pick the song, this one holds close personal memories for me. Besides that, it’s fun to see her give you the “look” and get her way, at least once in awhile 😉

    Now back to my man Jake 😉 There is something refreshing about his memories of his wife, something pure (you KNOW that Mallory can’t give him THAT… just sayin’) that has a pulse all it’s own. It’s the kind of romance that breathes into every fiber of the both of them, and you write it well Lance. Violet needs to learn a lesson, but please don’t give Jake another bump on the noggin to get there!

    As always, an awesome write!

  2. Oh, I like the hospital bed part. I am overly emotional tonight, and everything I read is making me cry. But Snow Patrol in the background stops the tears quickly, lol. Sorry, I have to admit I do not like this song. My husband does, so I’ll listen for him, but I have a hard time getting through it every time he wants to hear it in the car, lol.

  3. debseeman

    Late comer but I’m in. Song is great fodder for writing. Stepped away from Vivid Black. Couldn’t make the song work, so I wrote some flash fiction.

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