Love Spreads


All I want is a hug.

I confront them with a smiling face and thumping heart wanting their warmth spread over me like rain.

There’s three of them. That strength in numbers is evident as they address me with uneasy body language.

One has hair like a vanilla candle.

Another has messy, long, fierce curls that fall like autumn leaves.

The oldest one has tresses that recall a sunflowered meadow.

Eyes roll, sighs echo, and heads shake. I never stop trying.

Our moments are sudden, like a thunderclap or hammerflash.

All I want is a hug and maybe a kiss.

****blogger’s note****

This is my personal response to two prompts – Trifecta’s “UNEASY” and Velvet Verbosity “every character must want something” I have three daughters – aged 16, 9, and 8.

Today’s song is a great one from The Stone Roses. The line “hammerflash in the lightning” inspired this piece. Here’s Love Spreads. Enjoy the riff,


32 thoughts on “Love Spreads

  1. A hug? Sure. A kiss? You’re pushing it. As much as I loved my grandpa to pieces, I still did the air kiss for years. It was mostly because he usually had food on his face, but also because he was a dude and at that age, kissing an old dude was not on my list of priorities. In other words, take what you can get, but don’t take it personally 😉

  2. My 16 yr old son still lets me hug him just as long as no one else is around. Hey at least it’s something and it’s our compromise. I love how you’ve described the differences between them in such few words.

  3. The older they get, the more those moments come at the most unlikely of times. They will look to you one day for strength, acceptance, advice, to ease their fear of transition into the world of grownups. And the hugs between grownup children and their parents are laden with thank-yous and how-did-yous, and always end with a touch of dont-let-go.

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