100 Word Song – Faded


I don’t give advice, but I do issue warnings. If your wife gives you that eye and says she wants to pick a 100 word song AND she knows Leeroy, let her. My week’s been much better as a result. I loved all the entries last week. From Vic’s last minute 100 to Sean aka @bluenotebacker’  ‘s excellent write, there were very solid entries. I’m glad there are dudes other than me that hang out at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. It gives the place a air of credibility in its title. and it makes Leeroy get all testosterone driven. He liked Sean’s 100 so he’s picking this week. He chose Faded by Ben Harper. It rocks a little and the lyrics are good. This will not only get you going inside but the inspiration to spin 100 words should be strong. You can find Sean at http://bluenotebacker.wordpress.com  and @bluenotebacker. Thanks to Deana Bobina for last week choice.

For my 100 we stick with Soul To Body. Here’s where Jake and his Empire Strike Back.

Last time: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/100-word-song-chasing-cars/

He couldn’t feel her. Camille wasn’t tangible but becoming a faded mist that his hands passed through. His eyes opened and he watched the three women approach the car. He opened the passenger door but his stiff physical condition prevented a quick exit. His sister-in-law, Augusta, yelled first.

“Jake, stay where yor are!”

His mother-in-law, Lucinda barked next.

“No, no honey! Let us take over!”

Frustrated and tired, Jake snapped. He swung his feet to the pavement, grunted at his midsection pain, and stood in defiance.

“Camille’s mine, too, damn it! I miss her. But I’ll decide how I grieve!”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
As always, the rules are almost non-existent. You give Leeroy and I your most inspired 100 words based on Faded by Ben Harper. You have seven days to do so. Link up with the Leeroy’s drinking buddy, Mr. Linky, below and use your Twitter and or Facebook to promote. Tell a friend or 50. Let Leeroy or I know by Monday of next week if you’d like to select next week’s song.
Here’s Ben Harper with Faded.

6 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Faded

  1. I vote anything from Alex Clare’s album: “Lateness of the Hour”. Made famous by the IE commercial, his song “Too Close” is awesome, BUT there are many other fascinating songs on the album, including “Treading Water” and “Relax My Beloved”. That being said, “Where We Belong” by Passion Pit and “No Light, No Light” by Florence and the Machine have become favorites. 🙂 Just passing on some music!!

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