Italian Radio…. Live


Several months ago, I wrote a fictional short story, called Italian Radio inspired by the release of aquitted American murder suspect, Amanda Knox. Since then, the 4, 500 word story has been rewritten, edited, re-edited, and is now competing against amazing writers in a context called America’s Next Author. Public support such as tweets, facebook shares, and of course, website votes mean a lot. I try to entertain ya’ll here at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. So now, if you can, entertain me, too. Go here:  and / or here:  read Italian radio, and if you like it, cast a vote for me, please. Tell a friend or fifty. Thank you for continuing to click here when there are so mant cooler places on the internets to hang. Remember, I live with four women, so sharing the prize is properly out of my hands. People are reading and reviewing and voting as I type. They count tweets, facebook shares and written reviews on the page. If you promote this on the twitter use the hastag #ana2012 . There are enough pills to get me through this…..Please and thank you, my fellow blog pugilists.

Here’s the perfect band with the perfect song for this moment in time – Blue October with Italian radio.


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