We Got The Beat


In case you haven’t noticed, I love music. I write, and I love it too, but my first wife, I mean, love, is music. I’m one of those kinds of freaks that obsesses over song fragments, drum intros, guitar riffs, and pieces of sonic beauty that normal people ignore while they tap their toe to “just music”. One of the reasons I include a song with accompanying video in each post is to not only share my love with each of you, but also because music inspires every word I post.

In my home of a wife, three daughters (aged 16, 9, and 8), dog, and two cats, there are varied interests that seem to always involve music. My wife is a die-hard New Kids On The Block fan, but I don’t hold against her. She has to have a radio on when we’re in the car. She cleans, plays with the kids, and cooks with music playing or her southern drawled mouth singing something. My sixteen-year-old, Tay, has iPod buds in her ears a lot. She’s a cheerleader so her movements are to the count of 4 or 6 or 8, with music driving them. My eight-year-old, The Goose dances and sings, 24/7. Her sisters are constantly saying, “come on, Goosey! you don’t have to sing what you want for dinner!”

I missed a daughter and there’s a reason. Until this past week, I was the only kinda sorta maybe musician in the family. I’m a really crappy guitar player. But I try. My nine-year-old has musical roots in family members we don’t write about on this blog. She’s been asking to play an instrument for about two years. We ran across a friend’s brother who is a very talented musician. He has his own band and teaches a couple dozen kids in various instruments. His newest student is my middle daughter, Lyla aka “Bug”. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next John Bonham or Gina Schock, LylaBug:

It was her first lesson. I’m sure she’ll have a band with a European Tour lined up by Thanksgiving. Be patient. She loved the lesson and can’t wait for more. Her smile was contagious.

****blogger’s notes****

Just watched The Girl With The Dragon tattoo, the Hollywood Daniel Craig version. I give it a B-. It’s very long. The story’s great. They stayed true to Stieg Larsson’s book. But the romance isn’t believable and it should’ve been shortened by 20 or 30 minutes.

Also, thank you for everyone who’s made their way to America’s Next Author http://www.ebookmall.com/author/lance-burson  and voted for my short story, Italian Radio. We’re at #6. Top five would probably get me to the next round so continue the support. You can vote again, rate, review, tweet and Facebook share it too. Thank you from the bottom of my robot heart.

Here’s The Go Gos with We Got The Beat and Gina’s memorable drum intro.


25 thoughts on “We Got The Beat

  1. Agreed on GWTDT…too long, but still good. I’m so thrilled to know another parent of a drummer! Do you feel the bonding, Lance? When we are ancient and deaf we can yell to each other in the old folks home. I do love it when my little E plays. His teacher is amazing and my son can now learn almost any song within a week. (We’re three years in…fyi, and he’s almost 11) Good luck! Can’t wait until I hear that you and your girl can jam together.

    • Lance

      definitely feel the bonding. glad we’re computer friends because I wouldn’t be able to hear you on the phone…lol. thank you. Good luck to E. Maybe L and E can be a band together or rival bands someday and write songs about their dumb parents.

  2. Man, that’s great! We just got a Yamaha keyboard thingy for our 8-year-old because he inherited the music from my side of the family. He’s already worked out a number of TV jingles. LOL It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when little ones show an interest in making music.

    This is for Lyla – *Ahem* Sweetie, there are going to be times when it’s going to get hard learning an instrument. You’ll feel like you’re not making any progress or that you’re “no good.” The best thing to do is take a break (maybe a day or two) and then pick up the sticks again. If this is something you really want to do, don’t give up and keep smiling! It is, as your Dad said, contagious. Keep rockin’!

  3. gurlatrockshow

    From music lover to another…

    I liked Dragon Tattoo Girl…but I have nothing to compare it to. I never read it or saw the original!

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