There There


The name of our every day show should be bestowed the title; Accidents Waiting To Happen. The time is always early. The setting is always dark. The mornings are comedies, performed in three acts with me as the star fool.

First is started with a furry, spoiled boy who demands me awake with a wet nose and slick tongue. By the time his needs are met, I’ve hurt a toe, or finger, or cap of a knee as the path to his breakfast is bathed in shadow.

Second happens as I stir the oldest, still a girl, but sleeping as hard as she can before womanhood calls. There’s never a smile, always a grumble, and I smack a darkened wall with an elbow or hip.

Third is a prolonged finale. The baby, though eight years in age, has to be stirred, fed, clothed, and readied. It leaves little time for much else.

I save something for the audience in each performance. In some plays, it’s what the other actors do. But this time it was all me. An unlocked door, it’s always one of those. I showered and went looking for cover. That unlocked door was dressed in morning black. I didn’t investigate. The Third’s lead actress, innocent and in need, pushed the unlocked door open, and terror swept over us both.

It will be alright. We’ve both been traumatized greater before. But that unlocked door gave me what I deserved. It was an October morning scare, and I had to comfort her, after I was clothed. There, there, my youngest, and there, there me.

Accidents Waiting To Happen draws its curtain, for now.

****blogger’s note****

This is a true story. It happened this morning. Trifecta wanted 333 words or less of something “dressed in black”.

Today’s song is almost perfect lyrically. Plus, it’s Radiohead so you win just by clicking. Here’s There, There….and yes I have clothes on, now.


38 thoughts on “There There

  1. Wow. This piece blows me away! Your non-fiction is as colorful as your fiction.

    And as for the unlocked door, it’s happened here, to me, with my oldest, too. Our trauma…safely tucked away, lol. Knocks on doors of all types now occurs.

  2. I saw that this morning and thought you meant an unlocked door to your bedroom with Bobina, if you know what I mean. In comparison, this wasn’t that bad 😉

  3. Ohhhh. I figured it was either the toilet or the shower. Yeah. I still remember the time I walked in on my Dad getting out of the tub when I was ten or so. I’m sure he’ll never forget either, You’ll both be traumatized for life.

  4. Draug

    Awww, I don’t want to laugh but the way you wrote it sort of makes it funny (still a little traumatizing, of course…) You’d think after being a part of the play of Life for so long, we’d all be better practiced at avoiding mistakes 😀

  5. dk

    “but sleeping as hard as she can before womanhood calls.” Terrific ‘showing’ here. I’m the grandma living with a teenage boy and a 7 year old, and believe me, the trauma is all around. 🙂

  6. Sleeping as hard as she can before womanhood calls. I love that. Well done, sir… the whole piece. This happened to me when I was small – living in a house full of women – I have 5 sisters. I get it. I did get over it, but wow, what a trip it was at the time. Well told.

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