100 Word Song – Sharp Dressed Man


Leeroy and I really enjoyed this week with 100 word song. The entries varied from comedic to dramatic to pleasantly weird. One of my favorites was from longtime writing colleague and second time 100 word song player, Jessie aka @jesterqueen http://jesterqueen.com/ . Her cute but poignant tale from stuffed animals and affection was perfectly placed in middle of the other entries. Leeroy asked Jes to pick the song and of course, the Alabama rock music fan delivered. She chose ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man. Before you break out your black sunglasses, spinning guitar moves, and imagine yourself behind the wheel of a custom 1933 Ford Coupe, we go back to Soul To Body and see if Jake’s women can make him feel better without pressure or manipulation.

Last time: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/100-word-song-falling-to-pieces/

Laughter woke Jake from a medicated sleep. Sprawled over the long, dark green living room couch, he heard Violet’s and Augusta’s guffaws. Through intense soreness from the car accident injuries he walked into the kitchen. His mother-in-law had left but his daughter and sister-in-law were enjoying old photos. Violet shouted.

“Dad! This is the greatest picture ever!”

The corners of the three-inch by five-inch snapshot were frayed but the central image drew Jake’s grin.

“Vi, we were three sharp dressed men that Halloween, dressing like ZZ Top. I miss Gus and your mom making me do wild stuff like that.”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
As always, you have until next Tuesday night to write 100 words inspired by ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man. Any format is acceptable and you don’t have to use the lyrics or the song name. We’re looking for inspiration not imitation. Make sure to use the Mr. Linky to link your story then tweet and the facebooks and whatever else to tell people.
Here’s some Houston, Texas rock and roll right before got they got completely carttonish and ridiculous, ZZ Top, Sharp Dressed Man


29 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Sharp Dressed Man

  1. Good Lord, that song was back when MTV played actual videos! Good times. I liked the homey, comfortable feeling you convey between the two women/girls. Very little words, lots of meaning!

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