100 Word Song – Landslide


I apologize for the one week hiatus in 100 word song. I had a death in the family. The funeral was last Tuesday. My wife and I teamed up for a great tandem writing prompt for Trifecta Writing. It was due last Wednesday morning. Sometimes even robots need to prioritize. Leeroy and I decided to chill for a week and come back strong, today. While writing with Bobina, she was singing Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. Since that’s a terrific song and it fits the next installment of Soul To Body and that piece would connect well to Velvet Verbosity’s “The Remains Of The Day” prompt http://www.velvetverbosity.com/ , I had to use it. technically, Leeroy and I are choosing this week’s song. But, I think my wife programmed both of us to “think of it”. For my 100 we hang with Jake as he slides into the arms of Mallory.

Last time on Soul To Body:


Wasted by pain medication and a body demanding rest, Jake slept through the morning. He could feel her in his bedroom. He pulled the bandages from his broken torso, stripped off his pajama bottoms and entered into a hot shower. Tears mixed with soap and he spoke to her after seeing his pathetic reflection in the stainless steel fixture.

“Camille, I miss you but today I just need a break. Please don’t hate me.”

His sobs drowned the sound of someone entering the bathroom.

“Jake, are you okay?”

He took a huge breath, exhaled and smiled.

“I will be, Mallory.”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
As always, you have seven days from right now to write 100 words based on today’s song, Landslide, by Fleetwood Mac. You can use any form. Make sure you post it to the Mr. Linky below and then tweet, book of face, and harass your friends with your 100 word piece of art. Tell a friend or 50.


28 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Landslide

  1. Oh Jake, you poor guy. There are better rocks to crash against than Mallory. Still don’t trust her.

    I’m going to be singing “Landslide” all day long today. Love that tune. Maybe I’ll dust off my keyboard and see if I can remember how to write.

    A couple of quick typos… last sentence of the first paragraph “mized” instead of “mixed” and “steal” instead of “steel”.

  2. Gah! Jake, you will end up with worse than a few broken ribs when this is all done. I foresee a broken heart, more so than when Camille died.

    my 100 words coming this afternoon. I’ve missed playing with Leeroy πŸ™‚

  3. debseeman

    I got my submission in. Cutting it close, I know. And I goofed and while I was trying to input my link I hit enter and the wrong post was entered, so my #10 is NOT the submission for this prompt, but #11 is. Sorry about that :/

  4. So Mallory has some redeeming qualities? Or is this just a slick move to touch Jake? I’ve still got my eye on her.

    I will be participating this week… I miss the 100!

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