Fake It


Read Tara’s Chapter first: http://thinspiralnotebook.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/out-going-mail/

Vivian was four inches taller that the 5’3″ Danela and at least forty pounds heavier. She used her size to block her young assistant’s view of Pauley’s snooping. Vivian loosened the top button of the green and blue hued shirt and smirked at Danela’s attempt at an innocent smile.

“Essa blusa me lembra de um que comprei para você usar quando você conheceu Emile, o primeiro tempo.”

Damela stopped moving the mannequin toward Vivian and looked away. Her dark eyes grew small. Vivian knew Emile was a sore subject. The blouse they were hanging was almost idnetical to what Danela wiore on their first date. He had been a close friend of Danela’s brother, Carlo, who was now in a Brazilian jail for drug trafficking.  Danela dated Emile for three months when he was arrested at a party for drug possession. Vivian draped the blouse over the beige dummy then extended her right hand. Danela accepted it.

“My Danela, I’m sorry. But I need to know if you’ve spoken to you brother or Emile recently. I think you know that some of their, well, let’s call them acquaintances, paid me a visit earlier.”

Danela took two pins from her hair and started fitting the skirt to the mannequin. After a few nervous seconds, she stopped and touched her boss’ hand. Tears bubbled in her deep, brown pupils.

“I not to talk either Carlo or Emile in over month. Those men, the Sampas, they not, don’t know Carlo or Emile, okay? Please believe me, Vivian. I love working here.”

Vivian could feel Pauley staring at them. She didn’t even have to tell her friend what was going on. Tomas and his men were using Danela in some way and that was enough.  Vivian thought about making her a special cinnamon tea and making her mind relaxed forever but this was Sao Paulo Brazil, not Atlanta or New York. She’d deal with Danela in a different way. Faking it from here on out would be her only issue.

She squeezed her small hands and winked.

“Keep dressing the window, my sweet Danela, I’m going to go check on my friend.”

Vivian waited for her to turn away and concentrate on the storefront window. She walked toward the back of the shop, shaking her head in an angry, slow left to right motion toward a scowling Pauley. Before Pauley could tell her what she’s found, Vivian leaned into her blonde friend’s right ear and hissed.

“Those scumbags are pinching Danela because her brother and ex-boyfriend are locked away on drug charges. I say we kill them slow.”

Pauley smiled and pushed her friend further into the storeroom.

“Didn’t I say you do what you do and you let me do the heavy lifting , Viv?”

Vivian seethed. She crossed her arms and struggled to whisper.

“Sao Paulo is just like Atlanta and so much like New York. Danela’s brother is just a poor loser but I’m sure Emile was set up.”

Pauley handed the notepad to Vivian, that Danela had scribbled something in Portugese.

“Viv, translate this. I don’t think Danela is as much of a victim as you think.”

Vivian pushed the creases of her dress down. She looked at the stainless steel table and was disappointed in her hair. She picked at several long strands then took a deep breath. As she exhaled she grabbed the note pad from Pauley. Her face became ashen.

“Well, Paulette, let me take care of her. I’ll enjoy it more than you will.”

****blogger’s note****

After a Thanksgiving break, Millicent/Vivian and Pauley, the Brazlian Sequel, is back with two new chapters. Tara and I are having a blast writing these for you all. Please visit her blog first http://thinspiralnotebook.wordpress.com/ to read her chapter.

Today’s song fits the story more than it being a terrific tune. It’s something Millicent/Vivian would listen to as well. She digs Seether.


13 thoughts on “Fake It

  1. Oh fuck. What the hell is going to happen next? That’s an awesome cliffhanger. I really thought you’d reveal what the note said, but I’m afraid it may have to do with her brother .Also, Danela may be a serious threat, because do you seriously think she waited around while they translated? She bolted to go to Tomas long ago.

  2. debseeman

    You two are makin’ me craaaazy! I’m completely hook. Again. Pauley and Vivian/Millicent’s relationship remind me of me and friends I’ve had, so it reads really true for me. You’ve got little Pauley (me) who steps in front of the Amazon girl (several of my friends) and says “Wait wait wait a minute. We don’t need to kill ’em yet.”

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