Unless you’re a writer who posts content every day or every other day, you have no clue how difficult a blog can be. It’s not West Virginia coal mining or being deployed in Afghanistan to be shot at by Taliban but it’s hard. With the millions of web pages that are out there, finding stuff to type that doesn’t suck can be nerve-wracking.


After three and a half years, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog is suffering it’s fourth or fifth identity crisis. With two books out, The Ballad of Helene Troy and Soul To Body, (found on for kindle and in paperback on…they make lovely Halloween gifts)


based off of serialized fiction born of the blog, I’ve grown worried that this corner of the innerwebz is only a showcase for my short stories or next novella.

I’ve always wanted My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog to more than one thing. I started writing for prompt sites like Trifecta Writing and Velvet Verbosity to challenge my craft and become friends with fellow word nerds to and share ideas. This is how and why I created 100 word song.


With the sad demise of my political and pop culture outlet, Sprocket Ink, last week, I’ve decided I need to bring back the things expressed there, to here. So, starting this week, and continuing through the end of the year, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog’s getting aggressively organized with a schedule.

Mondays – a political and or pop culture hot topic post that will be linked up to #mondayblogs hashtag on The Twitter and my friend Linda aka @modmomelleroy ‘s I Don’t Like Monday’s blgo hop.

Tuesday – Music day. Jen aka @jenkehl ‘s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday will mean a new list of 5 or so songs and accompanying commentary. Prepare to dance or rock out.


Wednesday – 100 Word Song aka #100wordsong. This will be my 100 word contribution to the Silas and Olive story based on whatever song our fellow 100 word song players pick, It will also coincide with Velvet’s 100 word song prompt. This will guarantee a minimum of 433 words of Silas and Olive per week.


Thursday – A 333 word (or whatever the requirement Trifecta announces) of Light of Day, my short story about Silas and Olive, 2 19-year-olds on the run in 1989 Florida. I haven’t decided if this will be made into a novella. But if the response continues to be positive, expect me to make a decision, soon.

retro casette music player and red headphones

Thursdays are also my column deadline for Go check out my stuff there. I edite/run the place with Jen and Linda. This past week was a very well received piece on U2’s religious background and spirituality in their lyrics. Lisa Loeb even blessed one of my columns about her through the Twitter.

Friday – 33 words of whatever the Trifecta “Trifextra” prompt is. This may be another 33 words of Silas and Olive or pretty much anything.

Saturday – This will remain an open day but if the week has a big news story or something cool happen I may toss up a Monday type post on this day. My teenage daughter’s high school basketball season is starting very soon. I’m the team mom/dad/whatever. This means a lot of Friday night and or so Saturday morning games. I may too tired to do anything.

Sunday – Blog updates, Trifextra posts that don’t get up on Friday’s and or potluck.

The way things are shaping up for my family, financially and schedule – teenage daughter graduating high school soon meaning more money and time for myself and my wife – I think attending my first blogging conferences – Blogher and Type A – are solid possibilities in 2014. I’ll deliver more news on this in the coming months.

Also, not being a Sprocket anymore is creating a political/pop culture opportunity that’s in its infancy. Expect some huge news about this in a few weeks. But, I’m pretty excited.


As Lo Fidelity All Stars’ Pigeonhed sings in the 1999 dance rock anthem, Battleflag: Gotta launder my karma, I said hallelujah, to the sixteen loyal fans. And; got a revolution behind my eyes we got to get up and organize.

Thanks for reading, all sixteen or so of you.


18 thoughts on “Battleflag

  1. Coolness! Excited about all the ROTR and the new exciting news on the horizon venture. I need to get my schedule organized too. Good idea. Been wanting to do Trifecta for forever but never seem to get my act together. Thanks for the shout out bro! Hope you can get to BlogHer this year and don’t forget NonCon. There’s no conference fee. Yay! Keep on swingin’ with Your Blog Can Beat Up Our Blogs! haha

  2. Well yahoo! I am still trying to figure out when you do all of this writing. I feel like my head is squeezed in a press and a get a drop or two out every few days. The kid wants to know why I can’t play playmobil and the husband wants me to help him figure out why this jerk hasn’t paid on ebay, one dog is barking at me incessently to throw the ball while the other one bats at my hand while I type – emitting a bark only other dogs can hear so that I will pet her. So you know, I’m kind of in awe of your ability to carve out your own time.
    Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got, and I like the idea of you sharing what you’ve been doing on sprocket here. It’s nice to see some personality behind the creative genius.

  3. More than 16 people read your blog, though I will say that I am sorry to have disappeared over the weekend. Long and exhausting, and I don’t want to write about it or relive it.

    I think, for any blog to work, it has to contain the soul of the writer. My best critics tell me I need to bleed onto my blog more, but they don’t blog every day. Like you said, few people realize how freaking hard it is. Now that I’m working on a book sequel and continuing to polish my novel, my blood goes there, and the blog gets the remains. Like you, I am making big changes at the first of the year. I am going to be really interested to see, read and hear how your schedule works for you.

  4. Damn, That is what I would call being organized. Which makes me think, “Is there such a thing as organized creativity or would that be creative organization. Nice post and I can totally relate to shooting blanks some days.

  5. I can understand the need for variety. I applaud your tough posting schedule – no way could I ever adhere to that! I hope it works out well and gives your creativity the outlet that you need 🙂

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