And In This Corner


Husband, father, writer, blogger, music snob, word nerd, sports fan, published author of two books – The Ballad of Helene Troy & Soul To Body, both available on for kindle and in paperback from, co-creator and managing general partner of the politics and pop culture website Lefty Pop I like long walks on the beach, music, the color green, football, robots, sarcasm, sci fi, fighting as metaphor and not talking about Fight C……


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19 thoughts on “And In This Corner

  1. My blog has read your blog’s name and is very very offended that you think you can beat her up. In fact, she won’t stop talking about how much she now wants to kick your blog’s ass.

    We may have a problem.

  2. I’m laughing at jillsmo right now. That cracked me up. I like your feeling that editing makes you more efficient. And I’ve LOVED getting to know you through your blog. Your wedding picture is simply lovely, especially with the two little girls looking at each other across the front of you and your wife.

  3. Lance, Lance, Sir Lancelot . . . your blog may not beat up my blog – I am a kindly old gramma who will give you candy so you will not beat me up.

    and then I will push you over, steal my candy back (esp. if it is Reese’s) and RUN the other way.


    or not

    thanks for the intro into your life and for the kind words you share with me.

  4. I enjoyed Shimmer In The Sand, I too have been at the point where I wanted to run away, I have for a weekend or so felt the need to hide for awhile. I find that life is stressful and sometimes you just need a mini vacation to get straight with yourself. I am also glad to hear that everything turned out well. It was nice getting a chance to “meet” you 🙂

  5. I’m procrastinating writing a Three Bears Story for Trifecta, so I thought I’d scope out all the Trifectans instead. “Shimmer in the Sand” is still my favorite piece of yours that I’ve read. I can relate. It’s real, raw, and so well written. Great family photos. You all look happy together! 😛

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