All The Small Things

If “the devil is in the details” then I’m possessed by a demon that laughs at exorcism. I joke about me being part robot. I often say that I can get more out of a 24 day than most people get out of a month. The truth is, I accomplish the big things – my family is provided for, I have a career, this blog is never neglected – but I ignore or mismanage the smaller things in life that leave me feeling freakishly worried.

Most of the negativity in my life is my fault. Yesterday, while exchanging Happy New Year pleasantries with my writer friends, one of them, the excellent poet Marian –, said something to me that felt like a cold shower on my face after an all night New Year’s Eve drunken bender.

“You aren’t the best when it comes to spelling. It took a long time for me to read and comment you regularly because of the typos and small mistakes. They add up, you know.”

Marian is great to me. She’s a brilliant writer with a terrific sense of humor who treats me like a member of her family. Her comment was in the middle of a paragraph of nice. The way my brain works allows for most of the positive to be drowned by the tiniest of negative. I appreciate her pointing this out. It led to a blog post.

As I fine tooth comb the novel I wrote last year, in hope of getting it published, I’m confident in the big parts  – story, characters, style – the book is far from being ready to be read because of the errors in punctuation, spelling, adverb excess, and sentence fragments. How many times have you read a book, watched a television show or listened to a CD and said to yourself “you, know, this would be better if they’d corrected this or paid attention to that”?

The devil is in the details in my life. Age is wrecking my memory, eyesight, and organizational skills. Unless I have a list, don’t send me to the grocery story. My children are known as “that one”, “what’s her name”, and “hey you”. My wife has a nickname, Bobina, that has 4 variations, yet, I will point and say “hey, whatever”. This all leads to bad habits that can crush creativity and efficiency. This isn’t good for a husband, father, communications project manager, and aspiring novelist.

I realize it’s sunday and writing about the devil seems inappropriate, but I’m weird and metaphors are hella wicked awesome.

As you peruse the internet today and read about people pledging to lose weight, be better with their finances, and cut down on their social media, do me a favor and ask yourself, “if these maroons threw holy water on their bad habits, would their devil scram?” Pat yourself on the back for using the words maroon and scram, and come back here. I’m not promising anything but I will write a lot, and try to be better.

Happy New Year. Delve into Twelve.

Today’s song is from Blink 182. I’m not the biggest fan of the power pop not very punks but this song reps what I’m talking about. Also, it will get you going so you can defeat the devil in your details. Here’s All The Small Things….