Mission Ridiculous

Our mission was dangerous but we chose to accept it. We huddled in the bathroom and made the plan. A 12 year old girl who wouldn’t stop grinning, a 4 year old girl who wouldn’t stop asking questions, a 5 year old girl who thought she was in charge and a 38 year old man who couldn’t stop shaking. We were the motliest of crews trying to do something special. Each person had lines to say, positions to maintain, and ways to get the reaction from our target.
“Are we good with everything, I asked?”
The 12 year old. codename Tay, shook her head and looked at her co-conspirators with confidence. I couldn’t breathe. I thought I knew the reaction to our plot, but I wanted everything to be precise.
We walked out of the echo chamber that the girls called a potty. I was sure our intended heard every word. The 5 year old, code name Bug, turned to all of us.
“Ok, just do what you’re supposed to do, say what you’re supposed to say and don’t mess up, ok?”
Three sets of eyes rolled and we made funny faces at Bug, who thought she was boss. The girls had the prop in their little hands. A small box containing our future. The 4 year old, code name Goose came forth to hold the little dynamite.
“I can hold it. I’m the littlest, so I can give it to her.”
Her logic was spot on. Her manner was refined. We agreed.
Our strides from the back of the house to the kitchen were sure and impressive. I was the only one showing nervousness. This is why I entrusted so much in this terrific team of experts.
Our task stood beautiful, blonde, sunny, and glowing next to the refridgerator. We were convinced she knew nothing. Then I remembered Bug had blurted the part about the what was in the box. I forgot to install a safe word to call off our offensive. There was no way to stop what was about to happen. Tay started, she did well. Then Bug went into attack mode. Something happened. She blew her lines. Bug was falling apart. Goose stepped up and saved us all.
“Will you marry us?”
Oh no. I saw the look of terror on Bug’s panicked face.
“No Goose! It’s will you marry my daddy!”
I looked at Tay. We thought we were sunk. I panned the room for an exit but I was in the middle of my team. I stared at that sunny, warm, bright face. She was smiling. I knew I had one shot at saving us. I dropped to one knee, took the small box, removed the ring, and said the words.
“Will you make me the happiest man in the world with the greatest family? Will you marry me?”
The target, codename Bobina, began to cry. The tears were joyful. She leaned over and kissed me.
“oooo, they’re kissing!”
Bug and Goose declared the obvious. Then together, Bobina and I hugged the girls.
The mission was complete. I began to breathe. It was the first time I exhaled after proposing to my wife.
*blogger’s note* – This is my answer to The Red Dress Club’s writing RemembeRED challenge:

It’s a fill-in-the-blank-for-your-own-prompt Prompt:  
The first time I ________-ed after _________-ing.
This is the true ridiculously satisfying story of how I proposed to Bobina.
Today’s song…is a hold over from Father’s Day. My dad introduced me to the great Johnny Rivers when I was very young. Secret Agent Man was a 45 of mine that I played on a recorder in my room. Here’s Johhny Rivers surf guitar shredding Secret Agent Man..

Vancouver Riot Kiss/Love Like A Bomb

How much can you really love someone?

Last Wednesday night Scott Jones loved Alex Thomas this much:


love like a bomb

The story and the photo speak more than a thousand words. I know Scott and Alex are a long distance couple and they’re young. But if Rick and Ilsa always had Paris in the movie Casablanca then at least Scott and Alex will have that riot filled street in Vancouver.

Before I get to the song, I had a day similar to Scott and Alex’s night in Canada on Thursday. It was more of an internal riot but when I came home, around the chaos of kids, crap to do, some major bad stuff and life, my wife gave me a kiss like the one on the picture. You’re damned right it made everything better.

*****UPDATE***** The kiss was real and the couple talks:  http://t.co/MAiJh3P

Oasis is my go to band for poignant song titles and wistful lyrics. Love blew up that Vancouver street Wednesday night. Love also blasted the hate away in my life Thursday.

Happy Father’s Day to me, my dad (he got his own blog post last year and I know he reads this place) and the rest of you dads like Chopper, Alan, Jacob, and so many others. Keep being the shining examples you are. Hope you receive this Father’s Day post as it’s meant.

Here’s Love like a Bomb