2000 Light Years

Today was supposed to be the day my life changed forever. I made plans to meet up with the woman my wife approved of me seeing on the side, my novel. Three weeks ago, just after Nanowrimo ended, I completed the ending to the book I’ve been writing, rewriting, and editing since February. You can find parts of it, on this blog, under the page heading “Crazy Robot Stories”. There’s about thirty thousand words there for you to peruse. I hit the 50 thousand word requirement to “win” Nanowrimo, about a week early, then over the following two weeks wrote another 33 thousand words and produced a manuscript. My friends, fellow writers, told me to put it away for a while, and start anew after Christmas. So I did.

Today’s the day after Santy Claus. I had planned to break open files and start nipping and tucking Caleb, Breann, and the evil Ava. Then life happened. Again. My wife had to work. My mother in law is ill. That left me working from home and hanging with my middle child, 8 year old “Bug”. Bug is more of a boy than actual boys here age. By noon, when we met her mom for lunch and to buy a discount Christmas tree (our poor skinny meth addict looking one is being kicked out of the house tomorrow), Bug and I had a nerf gun battle, run errands, and watched at the first three episodes of the new show Austin and Ally.

I’m looking at my mistress, now. She’s better looking than I thought, three weeks ago. Her beginning is tight and her ending is delightfully complex. I’m staring at characters that interest more than most real people I’ve ever encountered. Yet, the amount of editing is staggering. I need time with my other woman.

A little while I go I took Bug to my favorite used record store. I found some old Green Day, then two minutes later, Bug announces “i’ve got to go to the bathroom and there’s one in this dumb place.” So much for musical inspiration for writing today.

The frontline women in my life are prioritied. My wife gets off from work in 30 minutes. My 7 year old daughter gets back home from her other family in less than an hour. Bug just bounded downstairs begging me to inspect her room. She organized her room to accomodate a new desk and other stuff. That means I have to end this post.

The important parts of this check-in is; I’ve finished the first draft of my novel and you aren’t being bored with an end of the year look back or a meaningless list of something. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve accomplished.

Now, Bug and I have to get in some one-on-one nerf basketball.

Today’s song is from Green Day with they were awesome snot-nosed punks from Berkeley, California. From 1992 loud  Kerplunk record, here’s 2000 Light Years Away. It’s a metaphor for my girlfriend, the book.